Design Process Museum
Institutional Identity

How might a museum identity reflect the design process?

In an environmental design course, I imagined a design museum, chose a building to repurpose, and designed the museum’s identity. I imagined the Design Process Museum, a center for sharing working knowledge of design across disciplines. Rather than simply focusing on final products of design, the museum instead focuses on how designs are made, and how that creativity is a catalyst for human development.

Design Process Museum
The museum
 tells the stories of how designs are made.

The curved lines running through the logo indicate the design process in flow, emphasizing on the evolution rather than solely the result.

Design Product Store
The store presents the design objects that bear significance to designers’ careers.

The firm, angular lines subtly differentiate design products from process — they are defined, like the design decisions that have been made once a product has been launched.

Design Practice Studio
Designers-in-residence reveal the methods and materials they use.

Each resident designer uses the same basic geometry of the identity for a mark of their own, creating a new iteration of the Design Praksis logo for the duration of each residency.

Environmental Applications

Spring 2016

Environmental Design

The Corcoran School

Johan Severtson