Smithsonian 2017 Annual Report
Publication Design

How might an annual report reflect the innovative ways museums engage audiences?

In 2017, the Smithsonian Institution engaged museum visitors (and donors) in record-breaking numbers. This project was completed at Studio A, under the direction of Antonio Alcalá.

The cover features Kusama’s Obliteration Room, a space where all the objects, furniture, and walls are painted white. When visitors enter the space, they are given bright sticker dots to place wherever they choose, allowing viewers to become active participants in the evolution of the artwork.

Inspired by the Obliteration Room, the book includes a sticker sheet for readers to place dots where ever they want, including “obliterating” the report if they choose to.

The report features illustrations created by Greg Fisk

Each page has a random pattern of spot-varnish dots, creating a layer of texture and shine that changes whenever the reader interacts with the book.

The back cover features another image of Kusama’s Obliteration Room taken at the end of the exhibition when the space was covered with sickers placed by visitors.

Summer 2018

The Smithsonian Institution

Office of Advancement

Art Director
Antonio Alcalá,

Studio A