Women in the Arts
Publication System

How might a design system demonstrate a new museum identity and allow for both consistency and flexibility in a triannual magazine?

In 2018, the National Museum of Women in the Arts launched a new brand, and I had the opportunity to design the system for the museum triennial magazine that would serve as a lasting expression of the institutional voice. This project was completed at Studio A, under the direction of Helen McNiell.

The cover features a custom masthead based on the primary typeface of the NMWA identity.

I established the typographic hierarchy for the magazine, and designed a system that would accommodate the many editorial and informational aspects of the magazine

The openers for primary articles each feature special typographic treatments to enhance the content. I created this title treatment to suggest the residue of dripping pigment, evoking Hung Liu’s mark-making methods

Summer 2018

The National Museum
of Women in the Arts

Art Director
Helen McNiell,
Studio A